Two become one!

Heros will be available under the traditional brand name of Eichhorn in the future. In other words, a complete range of wooden toys is formed from a single vendor whose packaging has been given a new and fresher look by designers.

The Heros Constructor kits will, along with the other well-known and classic Heros products such as infant toys and wooden building blocks, continue to be an integral part of the range and remain fully compatible with all other (incl. older) Heros models. The new packaging therefore displays an image of the Heros logo at the bottom left to demonstrate compatibility.

Everything will stay the same at the production site. The former Heros products will still be “Made in Germany” in the southern Germany municipality of Lam, situated in the Bavarian Forest. All the products are manufactured using high-quality beech wood from sustainable forests.

We would really appreciate it if you would continue to use our wooden toys, which in the future will be sold under the brand name of Eichhorn.

Kind regards from the Eichhorn Team 

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