The Eichhorn "Noah's Ark" Shape Sorter offers children fantastic playing options. All the animals, two of each, climb the steps to get on board. There they can hide on deck or below the little house. For more play, the roof of the little house can be removed. The animals can also get on board through the shape-sorter openings in the hull of the Ark. But only certain animals can pass through these openings. If the deck of the Ark is removed, these animals can be retrieved from the hull. The different shape-sorting options and experience stimulate children's hand-eye-coordination. The set includes the 14x26x19cm Ark and 16 shape-sorter figures. Suitable for children aged 1 and over.

Eichhorn Shape Sorter "Noah's Ark"

  • Article number: 100002084
  • Age recommendation: from 1 year
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