Wooden Skill Games

Children love wooden skill games, of which there are numerous variants. Learn more about our high-quality wooden games by reading on here.


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Eichhorn Fishing Game

Wooden Skill Games

Eichhorn Fishing Game



Eichhorn Fishing Game

Wooden Skill Games

Eichhorn Fishing Game



  Certified: FSC® 100%, Licence number: FSC-C005308 Made in: China

Eichhorn Stackable Farm Animals

Wooden Skill Games

Eichhorn Stackable Farm Animals



  Certified: FSC® 100%, Licence number: FSC-C005308

Eichhorn Picture Memory Game

Wooden Skill Games

Eichhorn Picture Memory Game



Remember which cards have the different pictures. Each player turns over two cards every turn. If he or she turns over a pair, the player keeps the cards. The winner is the player with the biggest pile of cards at the end of the game. The game helps improve the concentration and memory.   Certified: FSC® 100%, Licence number: FSC-C005308 Made in: Germany

Eichhorn Threading Game, 13 pcs.

Wooden Skill Games

Eichhorn Threading Game, 13 pcs.



  Certified: FSC® 100%, Licence number: FSC-C005308

Eichhorn Wooden Tumbling Tower

Wooden Skill Games

Eichhorn Wooden Tumbling Tower


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Eichhorn skill games - hours of fun for toddlers

Playing for hours at home is easy for small children with the right indoor toys. The optimal promotion offers, for example, skill games, which are available in numerous variants. Wooden games provide huge fun and entertainment, but there are some things to consider when buying them.

Colorful wooden puzzles - fun & learning is guaranteed here

There are many games for dexterity, for example, colorful wooden puzzles. These are not only a lot of fun, they also promote important skills such as stamina, patience, dexterity and logical thinking.

Wooden skill games are perfect for playing alone, in pairs or with several people. The first rules are learned, and losing and the frustration tolerance that grows with it are also part of the development process.

From what age are wooden games & wooden skill games suitable?

There are wooden skill games for all ages. Already from two years the games are fun for small children. Whether wooden games for children from two years, wooden games for children from three years, wooden games for children from four years or wooden games for children from five years - the decisive factor is always the developmental stage of the child, which can be individually quite different.

From the age of two, simple wooden games of skill are already suitable. However, the duration of the game is still rather short, since concentration and understanding of the rules are still low at this age. Instead of hours of play, short sessions for in between are recommended.

If the fine motor skills and logical thinking skills are already better developed, more complex skill games made of wood are suitable. For example, the Eichhorn picture memo game, Eichhorn threading game or Eichhorn fishing game.

What to look for when buying wooden toys & wooden skill games?

Wooden toys for children should be safe, stable and durable. In addition to the age recommendation, high product quality and sustainability are important when choosing wooden toys. Wooden skill games should also be washable.

Age recommendation

Pay attention to the specific age recommendation when you buy wooden skill games for your child. For children under two years, it is important that there be no small parts that can be swallowed.

Product quality

A high quality of the product guarantees you a long durability. Robust wooden materials that do not splinter or break easily are ideal. Edges and corners should be rounded for a pleasant feel and safe play.


Varnishes, stains and paints containing harmful substances have no place in wooden games of skill. Since small children like to explore toys with their mouths, only pollutant-free, water-soluble paints are allowed. When buying toys, look for appropriate seals that guarantee they are safe for children, such as the "Blue Angel".


An important criterion is hygiene. Whether children put the wooden games in their mouths or touch them with dirty hands - high-quality wooden skill games can be easily washed off after use.


The sustainability factor is an important concern for many parents when they buy wooden skill games. Wooden toys are sustainable if they do not have to travel long distances after production, i.e. ideally they are "Made in Germany". If possible, the wood should come entirely from sustainable forestry. This can be recognized by the FSC seal.

The Eichhorn range - wooden games & wooden skill games

Eichhorn wooden games are available in different variants. For example, the popular Eichhorn picture-memo game, in which children have to memorize and uncover different picture motifs like in classic memory.

The 13-piece Eichhorn threading game and the fun Eichhorn fishing game are exciting and promote fine motor skills and concentration. The Eichhorn wooden wobble tower, on the other hand, is not for the faint-hearted. The stacking game on the theme of a farm and many other wooden toys will also delight young children at various stages of development.

Conclusion: wooden games & skill games made of wood - patience exercises with fun factor

Wood is particularly robust and durable as well as a renewable raw material. Whether it's a wooden fishing game, a wooden picture memo or a wooden tower game - with Eichhorn skill games you can playfully promote your child's development. Of course, the skill games for children from Eichhorn are also a lot of fun. Eichhorn places great value on safe, stable and sustainable materials that are also washable.

You can find all Eichhorn toys on the home page. Even more gift ideas are offered here in the categories: role playing toys, crafting & painting, farm & play worlds, music toys and many more.