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Most children love to give free rein to their creativity when crafting and painting. You can read everything you need to know about buying the right accessories here.


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Eichhorn Wooden Bead Set Letters

Craft Beads

Eichhorn Wooden Bead Set Letters



Eichhorn Wooden Beads Set in Bucket

Craft Beads

Eichhorn Wooden Beads Set in Bucket



Eichhorn Wooden Bead Set Flower

Craft Beads

Eichhorn Wooden Bead Set Flower



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Eichhorn toys for crafts and painting - creative fun for children

Painting and handicrafts are fun and also promote imagination, coordination and fine motor skills. The little ones proudly give away their first works of art to parents and family members, and then devote themselves to the next project with full vigor. The painting and craft materials should therefore be creative and of high quality. In the following article, you'll find out what to look for when buying.

Magnetic boards, wooden beads and co. - why is painting and crafting important for children?

There are many creative ideas that motivate crafting and painting for children. For maximum painting and crafting fun, for example, provide wooden beads and magnetic boards, which additionally stimulate various senses of the child.

Promotion of motor skills

When working with small wooden beads, children playfully train their fine motor skills. Bead by bead, a small work of art is created, for example a colorful necklace or a beautiful bracelet. Drawing also has a positive effect on motor skills. It trains the fine graphic motor skills that are so important for writing later on in school.

Creativity promotion

Putting one's own ideas on paper or assembling them in the form of imaginative creations - painting and handicrafts promote creativity enormously. In this process, children are allowed to implement everything that comes to mind. With the right painting and crafting accessories, the most creative things emerge, some of which spring from the child's imagination, but also from the environment.

Promotion of intellectual development

Drawing and handicrafts also help children train their spatial imagination. An initial understanding of space and form develops, which is important for the interconnectedness of both hemispheres of the brain and later for geometry lessons at school.

Last but not least, drawing and arranging elements on the magnetic board promotes the sense of art and its interpretation. Via the flexible arrangement of the magnets, great works of art are created in ever new creations, even first letters and numbers can be laid with it.

What to look for when buying craft and painting products?

Paint, craft, draw and write - consider the following points when buying painting and crafting supplies.

Age recommendation

There are mostly craft beads or wooden beads from four years, because younger children still put small parts in their mouth and could swallow them. In addition, the fine motor skills are only sufficiently developed at this age to place the small beads safely.

Children start drawing at a very early age. It starts as soon as they can hold a pencil. For example, from 18 months or older - depending on the stage of development. However, children do not succeed in drawing and arranging magnets properly until later, which is why the magnetic board is recommended from the age of three


Good painting and crafting accessories should be developmentally beneficial. This only works if you stick to the manufacturer's age recommendation so as not to over- or under-challenge the child. Depending on the stage of development, wooden beads or magnetic boards can be suitable at different times.

High-quality processing

Harmless materials completely without harmful substances, but also the use of robust wooden materials are important. The accessories for drawing and crafting should lie well in the hand and must not splinter or break, even with rough use.


Washable products are easier to clean, making them ideal for younger children.

Crafting and painting with Eichhorn - our assortment at a glance 

Whether Eichhorn blackboard, Eichhorn wooden bead set or craft beads - the Eichhorn range is more than versatile. The focus is on high product quality that promises safe handling and sustainability.

These products provide maximum fun while crafting and painting:

Craft beads and wooden beads

Wooden beads and craft beads are ideal for children who love to design jewelry or other creative works. Children as creative jewelry designers - the result is often cool bracelets, necklaces or pendants in different colors and shapes. Ideally, the wooden beads sets are suitable when a unique gift for friends or family members is the goal.

Magnetic boards

With the Eichhorn hanging magnetic board you promote motor skills as well as eye-hand coordination. Children love this creative tool for implementing their numerous ideas. Magnetic boards for children are comparable to a school blackboard for standing up and can be redesigned again and again.

Everything that your child draws, writes or equips with magnets on it, can be easily removed and redesigned afterwards. Due to its size, the chalkboard for children fits in every child's room. There are also small versions that resemble a tablet.

Conclusion: creative painting and crafting fun for the whole family

Whether on vacation or on rainy weekends - with the Eichhorn magnetic board and wooden beads comes with children really joy. Along the way, motor skills, creativity and concentration are trained.

Eichhorn's craft and painting accessories are made entirely from high-quality materials that also score highly in terms of safety and sustainability.

You can find the complete range of high-quality toys made from wood on the Eichhorn homepage, where the categories wooden puzzles, skill games and construction toys are directly accessible.