Wooden Doll Houses

Are you still seeking the right home for your dolls? Then take a look at our beautiful wooden dollhouses. Here you can find all the helpful information and important facts about dollhouses.


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Eichhorn Doll's House with Furnitures

Wooden Doll Houses

Eichhorn Doll's House with Furnitures



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Eichhorn dollhouses made of wood - Living dream of all doll families

Doll houses made of wood, filled with a complete family of dolls - this is not only a dream of many girls. Boys are also enthusiastic about the design of houses in miniature, which thanks to the cute dolls come to life in the game. When buying depends on several things.

Why is playing with dollhouses educational?

Playing with dollhouses encourages your child in its development and stimulates it to play in a creative way. Thanks to numerous combination and expansion options, playing with them is never boring.

Promotion of social intelligence

A puppet game has a beneficial effect on the development of social intelligence of your child. In role play, it learns empathy, different ways of resolving conflicts, but also how to deal with friendship and everyday manners. Those who regularly play with dolls and dollhouses also learn how to deal with their own feelings and those of others.

Just like in real life, the dollhouse contains all the important elements and rooms of a real house. From the living room and bedroom to the children's room and bathroom, everything is there to make the play experience with dolls in it realistic.

Creativity promotion

Wooden dollhouses also promote creativity and imagination in a very special way. Because here the child can give free rein to his fantasies in the wooden dollhouse. Imagined stories and role-playing games (e.g. mother-father-child) quickly bring the figures in the wooden dollhouse to life.

Promotion of motor skills

Since the figures and furniture and other parts in the dollhouse with dolls are usually very small, your child needs good motor skills to play. Especially the fine motor skills in the hands are promoted, real dexterity is required.

From what age are wooden dollhouses suitable?

Dolls and dollhouses are suitable for children from about 3 years. For some children, even as early as 2.5 years, if the developmental stage is appropriate. Children play with them alone or together with friends, always taking different angles and interacting differently with the dolls.

An Eichhorn dollhouse with furniture is already fully equipped so that your child can move in directly with the matching dolls. There is also the Eichhorn doll's house without furniture, which children can furnish individually according to their own ideas. Dollhouses with very small furnishings are more suitable for older children aged 4 and over.

What criteria should you look for when buying wooden dollhouses?

When buying dolls and dollhouses, in addition to the age recommendation from the manufacturer, several criteria are important.

Age recommendation

When buying, pay attention to the age recommendation. Dollhouses and the play ideas that are possible with them are suitable for children from about 3 years. At this age, they are interested in role play of all kinds, and the wooden dollhouse offers the best conditions for this.

The dollhouse from 3 years and included dolls and furniture are often very small parts. They are therefore not recommended for much younger children, as they often still take small parts in their mouths and could possibly swallow them.

Product quality

A wooden dollhouse is often played with very intensively by children, so it should be robust and durable. Hard beech wood is ideally suited for this purpose, as it neither breaks nor splinters even under high stress. High-quality dollhouses also convince with many small details that children explore little by little.


Wooden dollhouses and dolls are only suitable for children if they are produced completely free of harmful substances. Harmful substances such as varnishes and paints are taboo. You can recognize that they are free of harmful substances by the corresponding environmental seals (e.g. "Blue Angel").


Very important are the dimensions of the dollhouse. It should fit well into the room and not be too large or small for the dolls and furniture used. The larger the dollhouses are, the more rooms and furniture have space in it.

Tip: Some dolls can be dressed individually or even painted. This allows children to fill a dollhouse even more creatively and keep adding new characters to the doll family.

Eichhorn dollhouses made of wood - our assortment at a glance 

At Eichhorn there are various wooden dolls and wooden dollhouses to play with. You can choose from different categories with or without dollhouse accessories.

Eichhorn doll house with furniture

Choose a dollhouse that is already equipped with wooden doll furniture. These fit perfectly with the house design and make it possible to start playing immediately.

Eichhorn dollhouse

A dollhouse without furniture can be individually designed with the matching dollhouse accessories. Here children fill the rooms themselves and expand the furniture step by step.

Conclusion: Dollhouses made of wood - fun and games with Eichhorn

Wooden dollhouses are always a hit and are considered real classics in the children's room. Different models and options for furniture as well as various dolls allow for extremely creative interior design.

In addition to the versatile fun, the dollhouse with dolls promotes various skills of the child through creative role play. Among other things, empathy and creativity, but also fine motor skills and concentration.

Eichhorn dollhouses are made of high-quality, sturdy wood from sustainable forests. You can find the complete assortment on the Eichhorn homepage. From here you can also reach all other important categories, for example, for construction toys, outdoor toys, music toys and much more.