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New baby toys

Eichhorn Baby HiPP Collection

When playing and discovering with the cute toys from the HiPP series, the kids train their coordination and motor skills. Many of the toys are accompanied by a small plush donkey.

Simply unpack and start screwing!

Eichhorn Constructor

In addition to many different constructions according to instructions, there are almost no limits to the imagination of the children.
Many different objects can also be created freehand from the components.

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The Eichhorn Christmas Wishlist

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Eichhorn Baby HiPP Collection_1


Eichhorn Baby HiPP Collection

Cute new wooden baby toys

New wooden toys für babys_1


New wooden toys für babys

Eichhorn Baby Pure

The Panda Line_1


The Panda Line

new toys with panda motif

Eichhorn Outdoor FUN_1


Eichhorn Outdoor FUN

Perfect toys for garden and holiday

Eichhorn Outdoor DIY_1


Eichhorn Outdoor DIY

Great wooden diy sets for crafting and painting

Ideas for Easter gifts_1


Ideas for Easter gifts

Great Easter gift ideas made of wood



Stacking and building with Eichhorn wooden building blocks

Wooden building blocks



Eichhorn offsets CO2 emissions

Climate neutral constructor

Eichhorn: Sustainable Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are not only robust and aesthetic, but also a particularly sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative. For over 70 years, Eichhorn has been firmly convinced of the benefits of stimulating and durable wooden toys, including wooden railway sets, puzzles, and doll's houses. Ready to experience the unmistakable speciality of natural toys made from real wood?

Eichhorn's Wood Source: Sustainable and Safe

Sustainability has never been more relevant and important in the production of toys than today, making it essential for Eichhorn to produce environmentally friendly toys made from high-quality wood. As a renewable resource, wood is an environmentally friendly choice, producing durable toys that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Our Wood: Straight from Bavaria's Forests

If you want to visit the place where the story of most Eichhorn wooden children's toys begins, Lam in the Bavarian Forest is the place to go. The high-quality beech wood that we use to make the finest wooden toys naturally comes from exemplary forestry. This wood, which is completely harmless to health, forms the irreplaceable basis of every single wooden toy from Eichhorn and thus enables a carefree play experience.

Eichhorn's Seal of Trust: Quality and Responsibility

Eichhorn's commitment to producing high-quality, natural wooden toys has been recognised with the “With a clear conscience” seal from “Focus” and “Focus Money”. Many of our wooden toys also have FSC® 100% certification, which means that 100% of the wood used comes from FSC-certified forests.

Why Choose Wooden Toys? Discover the Difference

A large proportion of the toys that children play with today are made of plastic. We have made a conscious decision to manufacture Eichhorn toys from natural materials such as wood. Wooden toys offer children enormous value, particularly because they are free from harmful chemicals, allowing for healthy play with a clear conscience.

The tactile experience of playing with wooden toys greatly benefits sensory development. The unique natural texture of wood appeals to a child's senses and encourages exploration of touch. At the same time, wooden toys are extremely robust and therefore have an above-average lifespan.

While many modern toys virtually flood children with stimuli, wooden toys concentrate on the essentials. The products from the Eichhorn shop don't have any electronic components—they don't flash and aren't loud, but they're still exciting. They help your child to focus on simplicity, find peace in play, and concentrate undisturbed on the experience. Despite their simplicity, wooden toys are versatile and can accompany your child through several years and stages of development.

Due to their simple design, wooden toys offer endless possibilities for individual interpretation. Your child can use their imagination and be creative without every detail being dictated to them.

Buying wooden toys means investing in your child's motor development! When playing with wooden trains, puzzles, construction toys and other toys, your child can put their fine motor skills to the test, allowing you to see their development

Moreover, wooden toys naturally expose your child to natural materials. With wooden toys, you can introduce important topics like environmental friendliness and sustainability in a child-friendly way, helping your child develop an awareness of nature.

Eichhorn wooden toys: By your side from the start

The Eichhorn Shop offers wooden toys that make dreams come true. Our high-quality wooden toys are suitable for children from the age of one and can accompany and delight your child for many years. This creates play experiences that will remain in the memory as fond childhood memories. Browse through our wide range of wooden toys:

Our construction toys encourage your child to hone their motor skills and promise hours of building fun. Discover the 170-piece Constructor Crane Set, which can be transformed into a locomotive, aeroplane, ambulance, or racing car, or explore the Crane Truck Set with three different building instructions. Incidentally, all products from the Eichhorn Constructor brand are manufactured in a climate-neutral way — for little builders who care about our environment from an early age.

The Eichhorn Shop range also includes wooden baby toys from the renowned Baby Pure and HIPP brands. These popular wooden toys inspire even our youngest children.

Wooden tracks and toy trains from Eichhorn have always been a hit! The extensive sets and lovingly designed accessories from the Eichhorn shop bring the cosiness of a train ride into the children's room and open up a wide variety of play scenarios. Our railway set with bridge, consisting of 55 parts and forming a 500 cm long track, is particularly popular.

The Eichhorn puzzles are of course also completely natural. Our versatile wooden puzzles promote your child's concentration, motor skills and hand-eye coordination and inspire with cheerful motifs. The same applies to our wooden skill games, which immediately nip any hint of boredom in the bud.

Slip into other roles, change perspectives and gain new experiences: All of this is easily and authentically possible with wooden role play toys. Food, kitchen utensils, workbenches, supermarket tills and blackboards help your child to be creative and invent lots of new play scenarios.

Out into the fresh air! In the Eichhorn shop you will find lots of creative and varied toys under outdoor toys and playground equipment. In addition to birdhouses, rope ladders and various outdoor games, we also offer you the TÜV/GS-tested (German organization that conducts technical inspections and certifications to ensure products and services meet safety and quality standards.) outdoor swing.

Is your child a creative mind? Then they're sure to love the wooden toys from the handcraft sets and wooden instruments categories. Colourful beads and cheerful melodies bring creative fun into your home!

Wooden doll houses are often at the top of kids' wish lists. The Eichhorn online shop offers you furnished models made of high-quality wood — authentic, lovingly furnished and natural!

And then, of course, there are the wooden toys from the wooden farm toys category. Here you will find a large selection of wooden toys that your child can use to immerse themself into other worlds—from horse stables to a rustic farm and even a town.

The Eichhorn online shop: your satisfaction, our priority

At Eichhorn, we want to be one thing above all for you: a reliable partner when it comes to natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable wooden toys for your child! In today's world, a shift in mindset towards greater emphasis on nature is essential, a principle that also applies to the toy industry. Thus, the eco-conscious production of sustainable wooden toys is a passion of ours!

We also care about another thing: your satisfaction. This is why we've tailored the Eichhorn Shop to ensure a pleasant online shopping experience when purchasing wooden toys. We provide extensive product information, recommendations, and guides to assist you in selecting the perfect wooden toy. Your order will be delivered to your home quickly and the ordering process is simple and straightforward thanks to various payment and delivery options. Should you have any inquiries, our dedicated service team is always ready to assist. After all, addressing your concerns and questions is our top priority!